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    "This book is a bit like Narnia's Aslan -
    it is not safe, but it is good."

    "Prepare to have your tender toes stepped on and your cherished assumptions challenged."
    —George Grant, Author


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Welcome to Gospel Parenting

Welcome to Gospel Parenting, the child-training ministry of Robert Andrews, designed to help parents bring up their children in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord," including those involved in the job of independent education. On the following pages you will find products to help you in that task: books on relevant parenting topics by Robert and other authors, along with parenting seminars on DVD on DVD. Robert's blog also provides an opportunity for interaction about the weekly newsletter on the crucial topic of biblical parenting.

The Latest From Robert's Blog

  • Living with Doit and Doneit


    Once God's fraternal twins, Doit (the law) and Doneit (the gospel of grace), have paid me a visit, they are not simply temporary guests who stay a while and then leave. God's plan for me is that they both take up permanent residence in my heart as my constant, intimate companions, continuing to interact with me on a daily basis. The perfect, righteous law of God and the limitless grace of God are, in fact, the two edges of the sword of the word of God as it continuously cuts open my heart with God's truth. This is a lifetime experience. There is always more to learn about God and His great eternal purpose. We never "master" the knowledge of God and His ways. We still, no matter our years as a Christian, "see in a mirror dimly" (1 Corinthians 13:12). Holding firmly to both of the...


  • When Doneit Turns on the Lights


    When Doit, the law of God, first pays me a visit and I see my heart as genuinely, experientially sinful, my initial temptation is to be discouraged; "I can't believe that I can (do, say, think) such a thing. I've got to get my act together." This reaction tells me that I am still harboring the hope that I can "be good" by keeping God's law; still living in the Garden of Eden in Adam; still eating of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; still trying to climb the performance ladder to please God. The lights have not yet come on. Then one day, Doneit knocks on the door of my heart, comes in and turns on the lights. In a flash of revelation I see it—not just intellectually, for I have known the facts and believed them all along—but now I know it in my heart. There is no...


  • God's Fraternal Twins Come Calling


    We saw last time that God's fraternal twins, Doit and Doneit, represent the two sermons God preaches to us in the Bible—His Holy, righteous law and His limitless grace as expressed at the cross. However, to know, understand and even appreciate each twin does not necessarily mean they have come to visit us personally. Paul, who grew up immersed in the law of God, said in Romans 7:9: "I was once alive apart from the law, but when the commandment came, sin came alive and I died." By this he means that until Doit knocked on the door of his heart, even though he knew the law forward and backward in his mind, he was blissfully unaware that he had broken them all in his heart. He did not know that his heart (from which all his actions proceeded) was "deceitful above all things, and desperately...


  • God's Fraternal Twins: Doit and Doneit


    Over the years in these newsletters I have discussed at great length the question of how we can live our lives in a manner that will bring glory to God, particularly in our responsibilities as parents. I have addressed a wide range of topics, including a number of controversial ones, such as spanking and male leadership in the family, and even embarrassing ones such as pornography, which I explored in the last two letters. As I have investigated the biblical perspective on these issues I have done so by preaching the same two "sermons" God preaches to us in both the Old and New Testaments as He communicates to us how to live in this life. His every word to us represents, explicitly or implicitly, one of these two sermons. They are not the same message; in many ways they are polar...


  • A Pornography Addict Comes Clean


    Last week we discussed the ultimate uselessness of trying to abstain from pornography by any system, technique or method that involves my effort to obey God's demand to be holy as He is holy. Holiness cannot ever come by trying to keep the law, for even if I am successful in somehow avoiding pornography by white-knuckling it, the subtle sin of pride that invariably comes from having done so spoils the righteousness brew I am trying so desperately to concoct. No, the only way to true freedom is to recognize my utter helplessness, embrace it and repent, knowing and believing God loves me unconditionally, forgives me completely and is at work in my heart performing His perfect will. While I was in junior high school, a neighbor boy took my up to the attic in his house and showed my his...


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“This book is a bit like Narnia’s Aslan – it is not safe, but it is good.”

— Dr. George Grant, Author and Director of The King’s Meadow Study Center


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I know of no other template for the family where the affirmative proof is seen in the children of the writer and in the children of others who follow this Biblical model. What a tremendous blessing this book has been, and continues to be for us.