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    "This book is a bit like Narnia's Aslan -
    it is not safe, but it is good."

    "Prepare to have your tender toes stepped on and your cherished assumptions challenged."
    —George Grant, Author


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Welcome to Gospel Parenting

Welcome to Gospel Parenting, the child-training ministry of Robert Andrews, designed to help parents bring up their children in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord," including those involved in the job of independent education. On the following pages you will find products to help you in that task: books on relevant parenting topics by Robert and other authors, along with parenting seminars on DVD on DVD. Robert's blog also provides an opportunity for interaction about the weekly newsletter on the crucial topic of biblical parenting.

The Latest From Robert's Blog

  • Showing God Off


    Years ago, as a high school chemistry teacher, I had a student teacher from the local University fulfilling her teacher-training semester with me in order to get her teaching certificate. Eventually, it was time for her to get the experience of "flying solo." I left all my classes fully in her charge. She, of course, knew nothing of controlling a class of high school students, the most difficult lesson a beginning teacher must learn. "When the cat's away, the mice will play."  One day she came to me in tears after one of the students, a boy from a large family whose older siblings had taken chemistry with me, gave her a very difficult time in class. I immediately called the boy's father. Even though I had never met him, his older children were, without exception, diligent students,...


  • Catch Me if You Can


    Over the years as I have observed families break apart, I have been struck again and again with the unimaginable destruction that divorce causes in the lives of the children involved. God's inviolate plan is for one man and one woman to raise their children together, each with their unique, irreplaceable contribution to make to the foundation for their children's lives. No parents want to hurt their children, but when inevitable marital problems occur, and they are not willing to fight through them, the unintended consequences in their children's lives are much more devastating than they can ever imagine. I came across this video by Frank Abagnale, the famous thief about whom the hit movie and the TV series, Catch Me if You Can, is about. He is a spellbinding speaker (I was only going...


  • The Ship of the Kingdom


    For the last several newsletters we have been discussing the intoxicating power of the New Wine of the gospel of the grace of God. We have clearly distinguished the "good news" of that gospel from the holy, righteous, perfect law of God. God gave us the law, not so we will be law-keepers, but to show us we are inveterate law-breakers and hence to "kill" us. Conversely, God gave us the gospel to bring us new life. We now relate to Him, not by trying to obey His law, but by trusting in His grace poured out on us at the cross. However, we live in a sinful world and must relate to it as well. As a matter of fact, we are given the commission to spread the knowledge of God throughout that sinful world, extending His rule, His kingdom, over the whole earth. While killing us is the internal use...


  • A Biblical Example of Doit and Doneit at Work


    Last week we discussed the idea of living with Doit and Doneit, God's fraternal twins with directly opposite personalities, as our constant companions. We saw that the Christian life is daily remembering and clearly differentiating between the God-ordained work both law and gospel continue to perform in our lives. Can we see the twins at work in the life of a character in the Bible? One example being lived out is worth a thousand words of theoretical doctrine, and if we have eyes to see, examples abound. However, due to the transparency of his self-reflective poetry in the Psalms, David's life is an easily accessible one. In Acts 13:22, Paul who reminds us of God's testimony through Samuel the prophet concerning David: "I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after (according to,...


  • Living with Doit and Doneit


    Once God's fraternal twins, Doit (the law) and Doneit (the gospel of grace), have paid me a visit, they are not simply temporary guests who stay a while and then leave. God's plan for me is that they both take up permanent residence in my heart as my constant, intimate companions, continuing to interact with me on a daily basis. The perfect, righteous law of God and the limitless grace of God are, in fact, the two edges of the sword of the word of God as it continuously cuts open my heart with God's truth. This is a lifetime experience. There is always more to learn about God and His great eternal purpose. We never "master" the knowledge of God and His ways. We still, no matter our years as a Christian, "see in a mirror dimly" (1 Corinthians 13:12). Holding firmly to both of the...


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“This book is a bit like Narnia’s Aslan – it is not safe, but it is good.”

— Dr. George Grant, Author and Director of The King’s Meadow Study Center


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I know of no other template for the family where the affirmative proof is seen in the children of the writer and in the children of others who follow this Biblical model. What a tremendous blessing this book has been, and continues to be for us.